Alanna Finkel is a young adult with FD. She was born in 1994 in New York.

Her parents discovered that she had FD when she was two years old. When Alanna was born, she couldn’t swallow properly, so she was unable to gain weight. She even had to be fed through a tube in her nose. Eventually her parents thickened up her formula so she could swallow safely. However, when she was two, her esophagus opened during a nap, and she aspirated digested food into her lungs. She was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed there with FD. 

Alanna deals with many challenges. “I must deal with difficulties like balance, blood pressure regulation, lack of sensitivity to heat and cold. I also have issues with my tears and eyes and must be constantly alert to the foods I eat.”

Thanks to Drs. Rubin and Anderson, Alanna’s life is improving. She enjoys typing up stories and relaxing at home with her family. “I used to be sick frequently, but it was a blessing when I was introduced to Dr. Rubin and his team. With the support I receive from Dr. Rubin, I am now able to deal better with all of my symptoms that FD causes.”


Ella, Lenny, brother Barry and Alanna Finkel – New Jersey