FD NOW welcomes forming partnerships with any group that is philosophically aligned. In that spirit of collaboration, FD NOW teamed with the two other FD organizations that exclusively funded the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia Research at Fordham University. These two independent groups, The Eric Alterman Foundation for FD Cure, and Cure FD merged with FD NOW.

“We all shared the same vision — discovering natural compounds that will make an immediate positive difference in the lives of our children — so it made sense for us to merge,” says Ann Slaw, President of FD NOW.

In addition, FD NOW partners with the JGDC, the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium.

JGDC member partnerships

As a JGDC member, FD NOW increases awareness about all Jewish genetic diseases and encourages timely and appropriate carrier screening for all persons who have any Jewish heritage, as well as couples of interfaith marriage.

Through Medical Grand Rounds Program, Clergy Education Program and Jewish Community Program, FD NOW helps educate physicians, rabbis, Jews of all backgrounds and interfaith couples about all Jewish genetic diseases. The goal is to decrease the incidence of all Jewish genetic diseases and assure healthy Jewish families by increasing preconception carrier screening rates and promoting the understanding of reproductive options available to carrier couples.