Emily Koltai is in her twenties and has completed her a Bachelor of Communications Degree, majoring in Social and Digital Media. Emily completed an internship with Sydney Film Festival, launching their “Screenability” program and was invited back as the Social and Digital Media assistant for the Film Festival. Emily’s health has been very stable since we introduced the supplement treatments that Dr. Berish Rubin and Dr. Sylvia Anderson and their team have researched. Emily takes all the suggested supplements and largely follows the tyramine free diet. She rarely has autonomic crises! Whilst mobility, balance, and blood pressure issues are still challenges, Emily’s day to day health is good and the treatments have been instrumental in allowing her to lead a very normal and fulfilling life.

In her early years, Emily suffered frequent and debilitating crises and extreme morning nausea. We struggled with keeping weight on Emily and were terrified when she got sick as she had no reserves – now she has reserves! Emily takes her treatment supplements regularly, morning and night. She self medicates if she feels that her blood pressure is high but this is infrequent, and only requires medication during crises. Emily has a passion for food; she dines out, takes beautiful photos and posts them. Her goal is to learn to cook and create some of these dishes herself. Emily does not like to be restricted with her food but is very aware that when she strays from the diet and does not take her supplements, her health suffers. She is currently working for two non-profits and aims to live independently in her late 20’s. Gorgeous, funny and very determined – we couldn’t be prouder of her achievements.


Les, Vanessa, and Emily Koltai with her two siblings – Sydney, Australia