The Fettman family is grateful for the research and remarkable achievements of Dr. Berish Rubin and Dr. Sylvia Anderson of The Fordham University Laboratory for FD Research.

Judy battled FD since her birth in 1970.  Very little was known about FD when she was diagnosed. Doctors told her parents she had a 50% chance of living until age five, but she survived and celebrated her 50th birthday in January 2020.

Judy Fettman, as a baby, with family

Judy, as a baby, with family

Judy Fettman celebrating her 40th, with fiancé & parents

Judy celebrating her 40th,
with fiancé & parents

Drs. Rubin and Anderson on Judy Fettman’s wedding day in 2012

Drs. Rubin and Anderson on
Judy’s wedding day in 2012

While she had experienced many hospitalizations in her lifetime, they had been rare in recent years. She enjoyed life and tried very hard to do everything she could to live as long and as healthfully as possible. Judy’s marriage to her husband Marc is not only a testament to the research, but also to Judy’s tenacity in adhering to Dr. Rubin’s protocols.

Judy Fettman and Marc

Judy and husband, Marc

While her accomplishments were many – she was bilingual and a college graduate – it is her positive force that her family most celebrates. Judy’s mom, Beverly says “Judy was fun, and playful, and caring, had a great sense of humor, made friends wherever she went, and was a loyal and devoted friend. “

Despite Judy’s illness, Judy was able to be an organ donor. This is REMARKABLE, given that the organs in those with FD are typically compromised. Judy’s sister, Julia says “We are all enormously grateful to know that due to her generous and loving spirit, three people are alive, living a better quality of life, thanks to her.”

Beverly and Ted Fettman, parents – Bronx, New York

Julia Greenwald, sister, and family – Los Angeles, California

Jesse Lachter, brother, and family – Haifa, Israel

Marc Dreyfuss, husband – Bronx, New York

Judy Fettman- In Loving Memory –1970-2020

In Loving Memory