Familial Dysautonomia ask the expert


Periodically, FD NOW features various experts to address specific needs of the FD community, affiliates, and donors.

Prior events include The Gene Scene, where FD NOW partnered with the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium (JGDC) and JScreen. This event outlined the most up-to-date information on genetic testing for FD and other genetic diseases. A renowned genetic counselor reinforced that genetic testing is easy, convenient, and affordable. The event concluded with a Q & A, ensuring all critical questions were answered by the panel of genetic testing experts.

At our most recent event, The Importance of Carnosol – A new treatment for FD, Drs. Rubin and Anderson at the Laboratory for Familial Dysautonomia Research at Fordham University, NY, detailed why carnosol is an important new treatment discovery. The FD researchers walked through their publication highlighting exactly why this treatment is so beneficial to those with FD. The researchers then hosted a Q & A to further explain the findings and answer specific questions about this new treatment.