We are so gratefulEmilyKoltaiWinter2012FAMILYONE for the work that Dr. Berish Rubin and his team have done, as with every new treatment Emily’s day to day health has improved dramatically. From a little girl who suffered from morning nausea every day and frequent crises, we now have a gorgeous young lady who very rarely experiences a crisis. With the introduction of the tocotrienols and green tea we noticed major improvements in her health.

As Emily says, “I used to feel nauseous in the mornings and couldn’t eat until lunchtime, now I like breakfast, especially soft boiled eggs and toast”. emilykoltai2016Following the tryamine free diet and eating little protein later in the day probably has had the most impact on Emily. Emily hates to be restricted as she “loved foods like Brie and figs, and parmesan cheese”, but she notices the difference if she strays from the diet.  The soy genistein has reduced Emily’s levels of anxiety; exams have been so much better.  FD poses its challenges, especially with balance, blood pressure and mobility issues but the improvements seen with these treatments has allowed Emily to lead a very normal life.

Les, Vanessa, and Emily Koltai with her two siblings – Sydney, Australia